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Go Crystal! Up and onwards, Amsterdammers cycled on, showing that neither rain nor wind nor snow will keep us off our bikes! Get involved. We have found one in our warehouse. Danish-style single-file. Then, slip on your high heeled shoes, put your laptop in your bike basket, and cycle to work with a smile. Follow this blog with other readers Enter your email address to follow this blog with other readers Follow.

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  • Rain is a fact of life when you are cycling in Denmark. This year has already seen its fair share of downpour – and then some. But even heavy. Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

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    June July 5), includes academic knowledge, and it's also not “taught” in the traditional format. It's Valentine's Day (in case you didn't know) so we at Amsterdam Cycle Chic thought it would be the. Our mission is to promote cycling as a desirable, accessible lifestyle choice and get more women to take to two wheels!.
    It hooks onto the rack in seconds and I am always assured that my precious laptop is safe, that it looks smart and stylish and goes with everything!

    Lightly brush a small amount of cold water around the edges of the of the dough. In the United States, we tend to be hard on ourselves about our rate of biking to work compared to Europe.

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    Additionally, I am always amazed by the renegade-nature of the cyclists here, going every-which-way in direct defiance of traffic controls. Simple, lightweight wire bicycle basket with a spring-loaded quick release, so you can easily attach and remove it from your rear or front rack.

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    Amsterdam, the Netherlands instagram.

    images cycle chic blog template
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    How did you end up in Amsterdam?

    images cycle chic blog template

    Forget the training wheels; ditch the pads and let them fall. Add your favorite places to visit in San Diego by bike to the comments. Cath Kidston Helmet - These were super popular but unfortunately the powers that be at Cath Kidston decided to stop making them. In the afternoons, I ride quickly to the grocer to grab food and usually end up getting way more than I actually can fit into the bike basket. A bag or basket can transform your wheels from merely good-looking to a utilitarian force.

    Jul 7, Explore Courtnee Felton's board "Cycle Chic", followed by people on Pinterest.

    See more ideas about Biking, Cycle Chic and Riding bikes. After 6 glorious years of blogging here, new changes have been on the horizon for VCG is jumping back on the cycling soap box next month.

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    Posts about Cycle Chic written by cyclodelic. Instead we opt for layers of luxury ,cashmere against our skin & silk around our necks to help keep us toasty on.
    When people work with a shared purpose, just about anything can happen. A busy Amsterdam intersection. Product reviews.

    Will you be lugging your laptop to and from the office? Whether it's helping them get their bike out of the garage and fixing that puncture or helping them overcome safety fears, a little bit of time and advice can go a long way. Erect a bamboo structure in the shape of a car and wear it while you ride to demonstrate how much more space cars take up versus bikes. By Jorge Royan via Wikimedia Commons.

    Cycle Chic Cyclodelic Journal

    images cycle chic blog template
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    At the same time, cycling in Amsterdam makes me feel part of the community.

    Up and onwards, Amsterdammers cycled on, showing that neither rain nor wind nor snow will keep us off our bikes! We all deserve to feel like a kid again. To the supermarket to buy candy. Image via Wikimedia Commons. Getting more people out of cars and onto bikes gives local policy and decision-makers leverage to keep improving our streets.

    The routes will also include refreshment breaks where you can welcome your friends to meet you to cheer you along the route.

    A bike bag or basket might sound like a frivolous addition to your. Inspired by the Burning Man theme Caravansary, we had an artist.

    Ok so these are a nice bunch of bike riders, we like them at Cycle Chic.

    images cycle chic blog template

    They're doing a crazy night ride from Sydney Observatory Hill to Newcastle Ocean Baths. COPENHAGEN - Cycling through the heart of some European cities can.

    in his Cycle Chic blog, showing Europeans looking oh-so-stylish on.
    We like. Double panniers can take a good deal of weight, they also usually come in some pretty designs ad can really brighten up your bike.

    Best Cycle Chic images in Biking, Cycle Chic, Riding bikes

    However, we here at Cyclodelic refuse to let a little thing like weather keep us off our bikes. And please let us know in the comments your personal tips and tricks for riding with your pet. Cyclechic's kit bag suggestions for longer rides Thursday, 11 July Image by TCP via flickr. Although our patterns of bike commuting are looking rosy, we in the United States still have plenty to learn from Europe so that everyday people cycle as a matter of habit across the nation.

    images cycle chic blog template
    Cycle chic blog template
    While taking them on a bike ride is a fantastic start, combining this with some advice and support is super- important to help them build cycling into their everyday lives.

    Measure, drill, and cut out a smaller triangle shape within your first triangles. Make a political statement like these Latvian cyclists. I love to go by people singing their hearts out, or carrying their dogs or their family or whatever it is that needs to be transported. Stack your new hollowed-out triangles together, affix with wood glue, and clamp to dry.

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