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images kattis dolls barbie skipper

Ana came in all three GG versions. She has rooted eyelashes and is a great, collector worthy, playline doll! SHe has dark brown, almost black hair with red dark highlights and blue eyes. Lots and lots of curls. They are similar and may be hard to tell apart.

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  • So many people around the world have been relying on Kattis Dolls for a facial doll sculpt Please note: Barbie©, Ken©, Skipper©, Midge©, Christie© etc. are. Doll faces in the Wonderful WorldTM of Barbie® Ken is still the one doll/ character that have had the most face changes over the. Skipper/shaved sides. Skipper grew once again in the mid nineties and was now almost as tall as her bigger sister, Barbie.

    For several years she had this tall and slim body with Shani .
    Tia has been sold in three versions, with three different faces, of one either with Teen Skipper's face or Lara's. In Hot Stuff Skipper showed up with a new smiley face.

    images kattis dolls barbie skipper

    The first Teen Skipper that came in a black version was Cool Sitter Teen Skipper that nursed four little darling babies in In all shapes and variations - and many of them.

    She had a new arm-mold and a teethy smile.

    Faces in the World of Pink

    images kattis dolls barbie skipper
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    Hard to detangle if ever played with!

    Nikki was introduced into the Skipper line of friends when Skipper and Courtney grew into their mid teens. When she first came out, she was 9.

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    Most notable of all, however, was Skipper's new face mold. No links.

    Best Men of Mattel/Barbie's World images in Mattel barbie, Barbie world, Ken doll

    Soon every single sculpt has two dates, one for collector dolls and one for playline and nobody can tell where they find their collector names.

    A discussion popped up about certain dolls and their face changes and I realized Barbie sized friends' names that suddenly appeared among new Skipper or.

    Barbie has gotten wider hips, flatter belly, smaller breasts from her original Skipper et al, A page with the Skipper evolvement, as well as cousins' comparison.

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    Barbie's little sister Skipper made her entrance to the world in the same year as me, The first headmold was used for a long period of time, not until
    Tia Tia is a character that has changed faces three times - and not many dolls were made of each face.

    Barbie The Dallas Cheerleaders were made with three different dolls. She wore a blue reproduction ensemble fromknown then as "Happy Birthday".

    images kattis dolls barbie skipper

    J The 12 Dancing Princesses - Blair, Kenzie was a fair skinned redhead with masses of curls.

    images kattis dolls barbie skipper
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    images kattis dolls barbie skipper

    Lara was called Marie in Europe. Skooter was available with the same three hair colors as Skipper had, but Ricky was only available with molded red hair, similar to Midge's boyfriend, Allan Sherwood. Skipper also appeared to have larger breasts which continued the controversy over her sexualization that has dogged Skipper in the past. She no longer looked like a child, but more like a girl on the brink of becoming a woman.

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