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images tommy and lindy eye candy

TRL Top 10 —, since Well, after another action-packed episode of "Eye Candy," we're MORE than half-awake -- and we agree with the psychic. Guess we have to see what happens between the two if the Flirtual serial killer actually gets caught one of these days, and there aren't a million reasons to always need to protect Lindy. This Tindy vs. I think they are actually kind of perfect for each other.

  • Will Lindy & Tommy Get Together On 'Eye Candy' It May Be Too Soon For Romance
  • EyeCandy Tommy & Lindy Eye Candy (MTV) Eye candy mtv, Casey deidrick, Victoria justice
  • Are Lindy And Tommy Falling In Love On 'Eye Candy' MTV

  • Tommy Calligan's first appearance in K3U comes when Lindy exits IRL, the In this final episode of Eye Candy, Tommy is able to locate The Firtual Killer's.

    images tommy and lindy eye candy

    Eye Candy is a short-lived American thriller television series which premiered on MTV on January 12, The series was developed by Christian Taylor, and is based on the novel of the same name by R. L. Stine.

    Eye Candy stars Victoria Justice as Lindy Sampson, a tech genius who goes Casey Deidrick as Detective Tommy Calligan, an officer at the NYPD who is. Lindy and Tommy seem to be falling in love on "Eye Candy" -- here's the proof.
    Newly paroled Lindy celebrates her new found freedom with her best friends, who also happen to be a group of Internet hackers just like her.

    Tommy is described as being smart and tough, and as someone that takes no-nonsense but also is very caring towards lindy and will do anything to save her.

    images tommy and lindy eye candy

    Lindy finds Ben dead, and while screaming his name and apologizing to his dead body, Tommy comes up to the roof and pulls her away from the scene. TRL Top 10 —, since And while Lindy's life is constantly threatened by this unknown psychopath, she has been getting closer with Tommy, whom she hated at first as he and her ex-boyfriend Ben — who was killed by the serial killer — arrested Lindy thanks to her hacking.

    Will Lindy & Tommy Get Together On 'Eye Candy' It May Be Too Soon For Romance

    images tommy and lindy eye candy
    But let's focus on the important information at hand shall we? Lindy and Tommy are led to an unexpected place, and to her new relationship with the Cyber Crimes Unit.

    Lindy helps Tommy to stop a hacker that's messing with a hospital, off the books, but to do so, she needs to become a patient.

    In one of the final scenes of the episode, Lindy is on the phone with Ben, who reveals that Tommy is surveying Jake Bolin's apartment for the night.

    EyeCandy Tommy & Lindy Eye Candy (MTV) Eye candy mtv, Casey deidrick, Victoria justice

    They have to get together — it just shouldn't happen right now.

    MTV's newest series Eye Candy might be all about serial killers, horrific murder scenes, hacking that doesn't seem completely possible, and a.

    Seven episodes in and most Eye Candy fans are already getting some action between two favorite characters. On Monday night's episode. After last week's super hot make out session, are things getting awkward between Lindy and Tommy?

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    In this exclusive look at the new episode.
    The Futon Critic. Who Let the Ghosts Out?

    Are Lindy And Tommy Falling In Love On 'Eye Candy' MTV

    Archived from the original on This stalker is also a serial killer. Lindy investigates the disappearance of five teens using her gift of deciphering clues hidden in social media.

    Retrieved March 12, She teams up with her friends, a band of hackers, to solve the murders he committed while unleashing her own style of justice on the streets of New York City in an attempt to find her sister, Sara Jordyn DiNatalewho was kidnapped three years earlier by an unknown suspect.

    images tommy and lindy eye candy
    Retrieved March 3, They'd even hired a psychic to come freak out their friends. Jindy might have the favor at the moment as Lindy and Jake kissed on purpose, while Tommy and Lindy did it for show.

    images tommy and lindy eye candy

    Later on in the episode, Jake and Lindy are in a bus station, getting ready to go to Lindy's old hometown, whenever she exposes Jake as the Flirtual Killer, he pulls out a gun and tells people to back off. A couple is attacked in an apartment they rented online, and Jake asks Lindy to help him. Retrieved December 26, Think Airbnb but way, way sketchier.

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    1. Could they actually be a real couple and have real feeling for each other when there aren't higher, more dangerous stakes at play?