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In episode 13Shinsuke also used his Keshin Armed for the first time, and was able to stop Hinawa Bullet. At the end of the second half, Raimon won with from Shiroshika. Knights of The Round Table!! The Raimon members without a Keshin left the team, leaving the remaining members shocked It is based on the Level-5 video game series of the same title. Suddenly, Alpha kicked a white colored soccer ball at him, engulfing them in bright light and once the light had gone, Tenma and Alpha were back in time to the time and place where young Tenma was going to save Sasuke.

  • Tenma keshin armed.

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    Matuskaze Tenma. picture. Video. Inazuma Eleven Go 2 Chrono Stone - Tenma's Kenshin Armor HD. Tsurugi is the only keshin armed. Keshin Armed is a feature introduced in the Chrono Stone In episode 11, Tsurugi succeeded to use Keshin Armed because of Daisuke's help, and easily.

    Images (c) Inazuma Eleven Go, Level 5 Effects (c) Redworld96 Tsurugi Keshin Armed.
    As in the third episodehe could use it because of the multiple parallel worlds combined.

    images tsurugi keshin armed

    Raimon got arrested by that and Beta captured Wonderbot, telling others that they were villains intent on killing Nobunaga with the Mixi Max Gun. After Tenma returns from Okinawa from tutoring the local children about soccer, he returns to Raimon, only to discover that the soccer club has never existed.

    The Raimon's team will remember their memories of soccer again, except for Tsurugi Kyousuke. Raimon used their new hissatsu tactic, 3D Reflector.

    images tsurugi keshin armed
    In the second half, Raimon counterattacks and Tasuke and his friends revealed their new hissatsu called, Ichiyajou and Raimon make it tied.

    By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Categories :. The episode began with Matsukaze Tenma teaching young kids soccer at Okinawa. With Fei's cheers, Tenma did the same and, surprisingly, succeeded to do so.

    Okatsu went to Shindou and remarked about his graceful play style.

    Keshin armed Tsurugi - Kinako: ?v= IIDzOET9zNs&list=UUX6ZEe_rOPGfW-faB7UpkNg&index=2 -ZANAK. Tsurugi Yuuichi joins Tenmas to help at defeating Protocol Omega. Tenma and Yuuichi will use their Keshin Armed during the match and Endou will use Majin. Justice Wing (Keshin): Tenma Lv2. (Special Bar next to Portrait which I dunno Joker Rains (Keshin Armed): Shindou Lv.3 / Tsurugi Lv.3 %.
    Even though they succeed, it is short lived as soccer is suddenly banned.

    Before the match began, Alpha teleported a random person to the field at which they were at, and brainwashed him into commentating for the match thus, commencing the match to begin. Aki and Haruna stated that only Endou and Daisuke could read the book and that Daisuke had already passed away.

    With the assistance of Fei Rune and Clark Wonderbot, both came from the future, Tenma and his friends must defeat El Dorado in order to return soccer to the world. He suggested to Raimon that they could go to God Eden to practice.

    images tsurugi keshin armed

    images tsurugi keshin armed
    Aki and Haruna stated that only Endou and Daisuke could read the book and that Daisuke had already passed away.

    Categories : Inazuma Eleven Lists of anime episodes. She scored two goals using it, because of her shoot hissatsu technique, Shoot Command 07showing that in Keshin Armed mode, people can also use hissatsu techniques. The problem is that Tenma can't use his keshin armed and now, they are all violently being attacked by Protocol Omega 2. Raimon is looking at the Hasha no Seiten but they can't figure out what is written in the book. Tenma returns to Raimon Junior High, but finds out that things have changed.

    Beta shot and Shinsuke used Buttobi Jump but failed to stop it.

    After that, Raimon said farewell to Shuu and left God Eden.

    Tenma unleashed Majin Pegasus Arc to fight back against them, however he received several harsh blows from each Omega Protocol member. At the end of the first half, Shiroshika was in lead with because their forwards scored two goals with their shoot hissatsu Hinawa Bullet, and Shinsuke couldn't stop it.

    He then passed to Nishiki who missed it. In episode 41Nanobana used her Keshin Armed for the first time.

    images tsurugi keshin armed
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    The match resumed with Shindou having the ball. Shinsuke is in a different club from Tenma.

    An anime television series based on the game aired on the TV Tokyo network from May 4, Einamu immediately used a hissatsu, Shoot Command 06, and scored the first goal, breaking through Shinsuke's Majin The Hand easily. Keshin Armed negates TP consumption, allowing the user to use hissatsu techniques freely, and significantly increases the user's power and movement speed.

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    1. With the assistance of Fei Rune and Clark Wonderbot, both came from the future, Tenma and his friends must defeat El Dorado in order to return soccer to the world. Views Read Edit View history.

    2. Otonashi Haruna showed to Tenma and the others, that Endou was apparently dead one month ago and the people of the normal timeline believe it was due to a car crash.

    3. Sakamoto VS Okita! In order to prevent any further harm caused to their soccer by El Dorado they plan to travel to the future and to infiltrate the soccer museum to steal the Hasha no Seiten so they can revive the strongest team.